by The Reapers

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released November 18, 2016

Agustí Calbet - Vocals
Àngel Martinez - Keyboards
Ignasi Montoro - Bass
Pere Estupinyà - Drums
Gianluca Brignani - Guitar
Federico Brignani - Guitar

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Carles Puntí at Wasabi Estudis, September 2016.




The Reapers Sant Celoni, Spain

The Reapers somos un grupo de rock sinfónico/progresivo creado en Sant Celoni el 2015.
Invitamos al público a un viaje de sensaciones y emociones para realizar una crítica a la sociedad mimetizada con las nuevas tecnologías, que hacen perder el criterio a las personas y las sumerge en un mundo virtual, muy distante a la realidad.
Hacemos una música creada con el corazón y dirigida a la emoción.
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Track Name: Live In The Underground

They say “in modern times,
All you can do is watch”...

Standing on the side
Action is postponed
But who’ll be in the other side
Watchin’ when the satellite is gone

Ownlife and you’ll be subjected to offences of thougtcrime
Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t an alpha – beta guy

Listen in silence you can hear the flowers wail
And he who listens is just walking out of jail

Wouldn’t cry, when the substances collide
Wouldn’t see a world in a grain of sand
Wouldn’t live a dream within a dream
Wouldn’t know the joys of unremembered snows

When the substances collide...
Track Name: Marionettes

We are all marionettes ( don’t you know we are all marionettes)
Moirai may hold the threads (moirai may hold the threads)
We are all marionettes

I find no solace in the meaningless repetition
of sayings from some ancient book
he who is free knows its limitations
isn't doomed by TV stations
he who controls his life is deluded
for desires are excluded
from Lachesis dispositions

Inanimate words emanate the brightness of an oracle
blinded eyes imagine space as a matter of symbols, religiously
tasteless souls rust in common places, exhibitions
Abandoned dolls do not inspire tenderness but longing
orphan words seek expression as portraits do with brushes

You've never questioned your god but being that you are superior
to those who never understood magic thinking in the first place
The mind needs confrontation

Theatre is no longer absurd
now its full of meaning
as a bad children's play

Eclesiastes you need to know what's all about
a collection of unchecked facts to live by...

In the screen you see a meaningless strive for being loved
He wants you to take his whole being as an oracle"

Actors lost their role in the play

I need... I don’t know what I need...